Melanie's Mall was a toy line produced by CAP Toys back in 1996 and 1997.

It was a series of "Mall" playsets and dolls that were shoppers that hung out at the mall. Originally there was the "Main Mall" which had an escalator, fountain, and two shop. There were also some additional two-story and single-story shops that could be purchased, as well as individual dolls. Later on there was another large playset with an elevator and two more shops that came out, as well as a skating rink and fashion show! Towards the end there were also some small kiosk-type Mini-Shops to purchase, as well as additional packages of single dolls.

After that the line seemed to fade away. I think at the time it came out it did face some criticism for having such a "consumerism" theme, with it's little paper shopping bags and golden credit cards. Sis and I still aren't big on fashion and shopping, but it was fun to collect all the pieces (haha, so they did get my parents!). So I thought I'd put together a little guide site in homage to it!

Feel free to contribute any images/information that you might have!