- April 3, 2010 -

I began working on this guide site in July 2008 one weekend and forgot to go finish it! (Ok, actually I was experimenting with my web design skills and got frustrated!) So I'm just now publishing it. I will add more of the sub-pages in as I work on them and find images. Feel free to contribute any images/information that you might have!

I always thought this toy line was such a cute and clever idea. Sooo many accessories and you could put together a little shopping mall for "Melanie" and her friends to hang out. My little sister was actually the one that collected them, but I've made her hold on to them all these years! I've found out years later that this toy was criticized because it was apparantly intended to brainwash girls to be shopaholics with its golden credit cards and "designer" shops. Okay? Well, 10-15 years later my sister is still stingy with her money and I hardly ever go to the mall, so I guess it didn't work! :(

Most of the pictures on this site are scans from the little pamphlets that came with the set my sister saved or photos nabbed from eBay auctions. At one point we had all the original boxes as well in a closet at my parents' house, but my mom took care of those spring cleaning a few years back. Oh well!

Let me know if the site looks bad on your browser or is buggy or has any broken links/images. Like I said before, I got frustrated building this site for some reason but I just tried to fix it up today and it's seeming to work okay!